Occasionally, VNX\CX administrators need to copy data between disks manually. Whether you need to replace an online disk, invoke a proactive copy to hotspare, or just copy data from an online disk to an unbound disk, Navisphere CLI commands can get the job done.

NOTE – I think this goes without saying, but if you have any doubts about the process, contact EMC Support. Errors when copying disk data can have disastrous effects.

In this tutorial, we will be copying data from an online disk to an unbound disk. We will be utilizing Navisphere CLI from the command line to invoke the process. If you have not already, install Navisphere CLI. It is also possible to run Navisphere commands from the array’s control station via SSH.

Let’s start with a breakdown of the syntax.


The naviseccli commands send system management or configuration requests. Starting at OE 5.31, Navisphere Secure CLI (NaviSecCli) commands are required.


  • -h <IP_Address> | Host IP address of the SP.
  • -user <Username> | Username of the account you will use to log into the array.
  • -password <Password> | Password for the username specified.
  • -scope <0,1> | Indicates whether the user account utilized to login is global (0) or local (1).
  • getdisk | Getagent command for gathering information on disks.
  • -messner | Engineering mode switch.
  • copytodisk | Initiates copy from online disk to unbound disk.

To begin the process, locate unbound and unused disks.

Naviseccli –h <SPA_IPaddress> -user <username> -password <password> -scope 0 getdisk –messner –rg -hs

NaviSecCLI Get Unbound Disks

NaviSecCLI Unbound Disks

Next, confirm disk capacity, disk type, and unbound status to ensure the disk is a replacement candidate.

Naviseccli – h <SPA_IPaddress> -user <username> -password <password> -scope 0 getdisk –messner 1_1_0

NaviSecCLI Verify Disks

NaviSecCLI Hot Spare

Once all aspects have been verified, invoke the copy from an online disk, 0_0_13 in our case, to an unbound disk (1_1_0).

Naviseccli – h <SPA_IPaddress> -user <username> -password <password> -scope 0 copytodisk 0_0_13 1_1_0

Review the warning prompt. Enter y to continue.

Copy to Hotspare

After the disk copy has been kicked off, monitor the rebuilding process.

Naviseccli – h <SPA_IPaddress> -user <username> -password <password> -scope 0 getdisk –messner 1_1_0 –state –rb

NaviSecCLI Rebuild

EMC CLARiiON and VNX: Online Disk Replacement – Proactively Invoke Hotspare.

EMC VNX Command References