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EMC Replace Disk – Copy to Hotspare

Occasionally, VNX\CX administrators need to copy data between disks manually. Whether you need to replace an online disk, invoke a proactive copy to hotspare, or just copy data from an online disk to an unbound disk, Navisphere CLI commands can get the job done.

NOTE – I think this goes without saying, but if you have any doubts about the process, contact EMC Support. Errors when copying disk data can have disastrous effects.

In this tutorial, we will be copying data from an online disk to an unbound disk. We will be utilizing Navisphere CLI from the command line to invoke the process. If you have not already, install Navisphere CLI. It is also possible to run Navisphere commands from the array’s control station via SSH.

Let’s start with a breakdown of the syntax.

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How to Install EMC Navisphere CLI

Navisphere CLI is a command line interface tool provided by EMC for accessing and managing VNX or Clariion storage arrays. Administrators can issue commands for general array management, including storage provisioning, status, and configuration control. Navisphere CLI can also be leveraged for automating management tasks through scripts or batch files. Navisphere CLI is supported on EMC VNX, CX, CX3, CX4, and AX4-5 storage systems. Starting at VNX OE 5.31, Classic CLI (NaviCLI) is no longer compatible. Secure CLI (NaviSecCLI) commands are now required.

As per EMC recommendation, the Navisphere CLI version should be matched with the Block Software version of the storage system. For instance, if the Block side version is 05.33.x, use Navisphere CLI 7.33.x or higher.

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How to Change VNX Heartbeat Notifications

If you own an EMC (Dell) CX or VNX, you may have noticed that every 7 days the array will send you a heartbeat notification. This notification will alert you on the health of your array. Great feature, but if you have multiple arrays or you are receiving alerts after hours, you may want to change the event e-mail timing. Look no further, you can achieve this through NaviCLI.

How to Change CLARiiON/VNX Heartbeat Event:

  • Navisphere CLI will need to be installed to run the time change.
    • Download Navisphere CLI from
      • Install instructions here.
  • Open a regular cmd prompt.
  • Change directory to Navispehere CLI folder.
    • Cd C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\Navisphere CLI
  • Run naviseccli as privileged user for Storage Processor.
    • Naviseccli –h <ip address> -user <username> -password <password> -scope 0 –addusersecurity
      • Heart beat generates from SP A, so use that as the IP address
  • Check heartbeat info.
    • naviseccli -h <ip address> eventmonitor -heartbeat –info
  • Change heartbeat.
    • naviseccli -h <ip address> eventmonitor -heartbeat –modify –hour <0-23> –min <0-59>
  • Hour/min switch will set the specific time in GMT for the following day.
    • Therefore, if you want to get e-mails Wednesday, run the change command Tuesday and use GMT offset.

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