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Upgrade to vRealize Log Insight 4.5

VMware vRealize Log Insight is a log collection and analysis tool for troubleshooting across your VMware and accompanying environments. Yesterday, VMware released vRealize Log Insight 4.5. Most notably introduced in version 4.5, is a greater integration with VMware vRealize Operations. Admins can now access and interact with Log Insight within vRealize Operations. Also announced, are improvements to content packs, server features, GUI items and agent items. To get the full scope of release features, check out VMware’s announcement and release notes.

With that, let’s run through the process of upgrading vRealize Log Insight to version 4.5. A few items to note before upgrade:

  • To upgrade to 4.5, you must be running version 4.3. If you are on an earlier version, you need to incrementally upgrade to version 4.3. According to VMware’s Product Interoperability Matrixes, these are the supported upgrade paths.

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Reset VMware vRealize Log Insight Root Password

Today I wanted to discuss the root password reset process for VMware vRealize Log Insight. Recently, I ran into an issue where console/SSH access was needed to Log Insight; however, the password for the root account was forgotten. Luckily, the reset process can be performed through the vSphere Client with relative ease.

A little bit of background – By default, no password is set and SSH is disabled for the root account. To set the password, open the console, press CTRL+ALT+F1, and enter root for the login. When prompted for a password, simply press Enter for Password and Old Password. You will now be prompted to set a new password. After the password is set, SSH access for the root user is enabled.

In our case, the password had been previously set.

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Install VMware vRealize Log Insight 4.3

In this post, I wanted to walk through the deployment of VMware vRealize Log Insight 4.3. I had heard about this product in the past but had never gotten to leverage its capabilities. If you are like me, parsing through piles of logs may not be one of your favorite pastimes, especially in a crunch. Well, VMware aims to fix that with Log Insight.

As per VMware, Log Insight is log collector and analyzer that enables faster and more efficient troubleshooting across your environment. It works by ingesting unstructured machine-generated data and providing structure. Admins can search, aggregate, and visualize datasets to quickly analyze their environment.

Another item worth noting is that log Insight isn’t just for VMware products; it is a universal log manager. If a device’s logs are in syslog format, Log Insight can ingest it. Log Insight can also extend to additional infrastructure layers via content packs. Content packs for various storage arrays, servers, and network switches are available.

As of the 3.3 release, users with a supported vCenter Server license are permitted to a 25-OSI pack of vRealize Log Insight, free of charge.

Download vRealize Log Insight OVA from VMware.

Deploy Insight Log

First, we will deploy the OVA. To do so, right-click your cluster or host and select Deploy OVF Template.

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