A few months ago, we discussed how to create a security message on the DCUI screen of an ESXi host. Along those same lines, it is also possible to include a banner on the login page of the vSphere Web Client. The banner feature was originally released in vSphere 6.0 Update 2 and like setting a security message, banners can relay pertinent information to targeted individuals. This information could be a message, disclaimer, or Terms and Conditions. Additionally, the banner can be configured to require acknowledgment of the message before login.

In this post, we will be setting the Login Banner in a VMware vSphere 6.5 environment.

Enable Login Banner

From a browser log into the Platform Services Controller.


NOTE – If the PSC is an embedded deployment, the IP address will be that of the vCenter Server.

PSC Login

In the Navigator pane, select Configuration under Single Sign-On.

PSC Configuration

Navigate to the Login Banner tab and click Edit to begin configuration.

PSC Login Banner

Next, configure options for the Login Banner. Once complete, click Ok to apply the changes.

  • Status: Enables or Disables Login Banner
  • Checkbox Consent: Enabling consent requires users to click an acknowledgment checkbox before proceeding.
  • Title: The title field allows admins to customize the title of the banner. By default, the banner will read I agree to the. Followed by the text set for the title. For example, I agree to the VirtuBytes Terms and Conditions.
  • Message: Text displayed when the banner is clicked. IE) Text for the Terms and Conditions.

Edit Login Banner

That is it! The Login Banner has been setup.

Login Banner

If consent is enabled, a warning is displayed when a user tries to login without checking the consent box.

Banner Agreement

VMware Manage the Login Banner Documentation