Quick byte today – Last week, we discussed an HPE advisory affecting certain network adapters on VMware hosts.  The advisory pertained to specific firmware and driver versions. If you need to identify or verify such network card information, it is possible to pull that data via ESXCLI commands. In this post, we will get a list of installed NICs as well as individual driver and firmware versions.

First, let’s get a list of the installed NICs. To do so, SSH to the pertinent host and run the esxcli network nic list command. Here we can see a record of devices and general information.

esxcli network nic list


Now that we have a list of the installed NICs, we can pull detailed configuration information. Run the esxcli network nic get command specifying the name of the NIC necessary.

esxcli network nic get –n vmnic0


Under Driver Info, we can determine the driver type, driver version, and firmware version.

NOTE – General network adapter information can also be viewed from the VMware vSphere Client. The adapter and driver are found under Physical Adapters within the Configure tab.

Webclient vmnic

Determine Network Firmware and Driver Version  – VMware Documentation

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